Technogym Fitness Equipment

If you’re looking for Technogym fitness equipment we can supply a number of different products for all kinds of sports and leisure facilities. Speak to our experts to find out more information about this service.

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Technogym Fitness Equipment

All of the Technogym fitness equipment that we supply has been specially designed to support health and wellness for users both at commercial gyms and in their own homes. Whether you’re looking for brand new products or refurbished exercise machines, we have the solution for you.

There are many different types of fitness products that we supply for large scale organisations and smaller facilities, so each client can choose products to fit their budget and what they need.


Subscribing to a fitness centre is a great strategy to keep on top of your health, and control specific things like excess weight and muscle power. You may achieve far better fitness levels since you can utilise numerous machines and join a wide variety of team classes.

Qualified teachers are also there to keep you going and make certain you’re always encouraged throughout the experience. Joining the gym is often a time to be sociable and do exercises with your friends or connect with individuals who have got very similar goals to yourself.

Professional Gym Equipment

Many gym users spend a lot of time using cardio machines for aerobic workouts which concentrate on overall fitness. We offer a variety of machines from the Technogym range which can be used for activities like this. These include cross trainers, upright exercise bikes and treadmills, each of which come in many specifications with adjustable features and designs.

We supply these products both as new and as remanufactured machines. Some of our clients prefer to buy the refurbished equipment as they tend to come at a more affordable price, but we offer a range of options to suit every gym, leisure centre, health club or home facility.

Lots of people even prefer to have this equipment in their house to enable them to use it whenever they would like. Even though professional health clubs have got high-quality training products, it is quite popular for people to purchase their own set which they can make use of at any time.

If you would like a bit more information on the exercise equipment we have for sale, including specifications of treadmills, bikes and cross trainers, please contact our team today. We would be happy to talk you through each of the products and let you know about the different costs and options.


Technogym Weight Training

In addition to the Technogym fitness machines, we also supply the Technogym weight training facility which is popular for all kinds of facilities as people use them to build strength and muscle tone. These products include various types of free weights like dumbbells and benches to work several muscles.

Our team of experts often complete refurbishments for these where they apply a new coloured paint coating and new upholstery for seats and backrests. This process could be done to match the existing design of your gym or leisure centre if there is a particular colour scheme that you would like to maintain. Individuals often like to have customised products for their Technogym weight training facility in their homes as well.

Additionally, you can take part in anaerobic activity as a way to increase your power and strengthen your muscle tissue. The most common method of anaerobic exercise is strength training. This can be designed to boost the tone of muscle using resistance to improve muscular strength.

There are many different strategies for weight training, the most common of these tend to be weights exercise. You might complete these types of activities with products like weights or resistance machines.

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All of the different Technogym products we have on sale are designed to enhance health and wellness for users as part of an active lifestyle. It’s important to ensure that these machines are kept safe, particularly in large public facilities where there are likely to get a lot of use. This is why we recommend carrying out regular inspections of any items you have so that any problems can be addressed quickly.

To increase your very own physical fitness level, you'll find plenty of products offered at a health club. You could even create a subscription that could encourage you to use the amenities consistently. Organisations like sports centres, schools and health clubs will often have a multitude of gym equipment readily available for you to use.

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We offer maintenance and repair services so if you do have any problems with your Technogym gym equipment we can fix them and supply any required spare parts. Be sure to contact our team by filling in the simple form on this page if you’d like more information on the costs of Technogym fitness equipment.



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