Gym Equipment for Sale

We have a range of gym equipment for sale such as exercise bikes, treadmills and cross-trainers which can be used in health clubs, leisure centres and home facilities.

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Gym Equipment for Sale

Whether you're a seasoned pro or just someone who's looking to shed some lockdown blues, we've got some deals that can make your hearts race faster than any cardio. 

If you want to strengthen your fitness, joining a leisure centre is a wonderful way to attain these aims. These establishments offer you the chance to use many machines and get involved with classes where you could work out with other individuals.

Qualified teachers can also be around to inspire you and make certain you are happy throughout the workout. But, if you would rather stay in the comfort of your own home, then we can help you out! 

No matter what your skill level is at working out, we have a variety of gym equipment for sale which can provide health clubs, leisure centres and domestic facilities with top of the range machines.

The products we offer include all kinds of different equipment, including treadmills, cross-trainers and exercise bikes. Many gyms are looking to upgrade their facilities or replace worn out machines with new products that their members will love.

When attempting to be more physically active, health club machines will be really valuable and beneficial. So, connect with us to find more about the fitness equipment we have to help you find the one that fits you and your needs best! 


Commercial Gym Equipment

As specialists in various types of sports and fitness equipment, we will be able to advise you on the best machines to suit your requirements.

Our services include the supply of both new and used exercise products, which can be specified to suit any existing themes or décor in your gym. We also offer various specialist resistance machine items that provide users with a beneficial and comfortable weight training experience.

The different fitness equipment is designed to work core muscles groups and could be utilised for leg and arm exercises.

An aerobic and resistance machine is probably the most widespread items of fitness equipment.

These enable you to exercise with organic body movements or target individual physical activity parts. You might find these items in public health clubs, leisure centres, colleges and perhaps people's houses. The process of aerobics is carried out to enhance the body’s oxygen consumption levels.

You might also label this as cardiovascular exercise mainly because it presents lots of benefits for the heart. Individuals aiming to do an aerobic workout will typically participate in sports activities like running, riding bikes, or swimming.

Please contact us by filling in our short enquiry form, and we’ll get back to you with more information on the costs of gym machines for purchase.

One of our experts will be able to advise you on the different specifications we have and which product would suit your facility best.

Refurbished Exercise Machines

As well as supplying brand new gym equipment for a range of facilities, we can also provide refurbished exercise machines which will be designed to your preference.

We carry out a thorough cleaning and reconditioning process, including repairs, painting and reupholstering of second-hand gym machines.

These could include used treadmills, renovated cycling bikes and refurbished cross-trainers. Another product that we have is second-hand strength fitness equipment; these will also be reconditioned with new upholstery.

There are a range of specifications for resistance machines that are ideal for working different muscles groups with adjustable weights to suit each person’s preference.

Typically, the cardio exercise is carried out over a prolonged time by using a low or medium intensity level. So, for example, jogging over a long distance at medium speed is cardio exercise, but doing a short and fast sprint wouldn’t be.

To train your cardio muscles and strengthen activity levels, a selection of devices and products could be used. Some of the most well-known products would be spin bikes, cross trainers and treadmills, which could be bought in a range of designs.

Additionally, anaerobic workouts are done to increase durability and grow more toned muscles. Resistance training is generally a popular strategy to achieve this style of workout.

Within this, resistance can help increase muscle strength and condition the user’s general anaerobic durability level. There are many approaches to resistance training, the most common of these being weight and resistance training.

You can complete these types of activities using products like weights or resistance machines. 


Exercise Machine Suppliers

You can choose from several refurbished exercise products which suit your own preference as well as the requirements of visitors to your gym.

We offer fully renovated rowing items, spin bikes and weight benches, and running machines and resistance equipment. Each piece of equipment can come as either brand new or as a refurbished second-hand product.

You can find lots of products and equipment in health clubs used for several exercises and increase all round fitness levels. Many establishments like this provide subscriptions that will motivate you to go frequently.

Nearby high schools, community clubs and leisure centres sometimes have multi gyms available for use also.

How Do You Set Up A Home Gym?

Setting up a gym at home is simpler than it sounds. If you're set on posting gym equipment at home, you must first start by finding a suitable space and designing the setup. Then you can create a storage plan so you can better optimise the space you have. 

After you've done all these, you can stock up your gym and put it to use! 

Is it Worth Building a Home Gym?

The cost of having a gym at home will hugely depend on your needs and how often you really intend to use the equipment. 

Since commercial gyms have such a wide selection of equipment, switching to a gym from home setup will require you to completely adjust your training regimen to accommodate the equipment you have at home. 


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