Life Fitness Gym Equipment

We supply various types of life fitness gym equipment including treadmills, cross trainers and weight machines that can be used at commercial fitness centres and homes.

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Life Fitness Gym Equipment

There are several products that we have for sale from the Life Fitness gym equipment in the range which are perfect for public leisure centres, schools and home facilities. These machines can be supplied either brand new or completely refurbished depending on your preference and budget.

Many facilities find that buying refurbished gym equipment is more cost-efficient for them compared with buying brand new products. Cardio machines are extremely popular in commercial gyms because most people use them as part of an overall workout.


This is why we supply Life-Fitness equipment such as treadmills, cross-trainers and exercise bikes in several product types and specifications. The huge range of equipment comes at prices to suit different budgets so you can choose machines that best match your needs.

Resistance and aerobic devices are probably the most widely used items of gym equipment. You could use each of these for training individual areas of your body, or maybe to boost your fitness, stamina and core strength. A lot of establishments like health clubs, colleges and houses can have these products.

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When it comes to cardio machines at the gym, we understand that users don’t all have the same ability levels, or want the same experience. This is why the products that we supply come in a variety of different models, all with adjustable features to suit every user.

Each of the treadmills comes with multiple workout programmes and heart rate monitoring and fitness test protocols. The Life-Fitness cross trainers feature a selection of on-screen display readings and advanced stride technology. The exercise bikes are all designed to be extremely durable and include customisable settings for a unique user experience.

If you would like some further details regarding Life-Fitness products, please take a few moments to complete the contact form on this page and we’ll get back to you to discuss costs and individual specifications for each machine.

Life Fitness Weight Machines

As well as cardio equipment, we also have weight machines for sale and these can be supplied for both commercial fitness clubs and home fitness gyms. The strength training products we have available are designed to offer a variety of exercises including chest press, shoulder press, leg curl, arm curl and abdominal toning.

Depending on the facility you are working with, we can help you decide on the right weight machines to select. For example, you can choose a number of these Life Fitness items if you're buying for a large gym, or you might just want a single piece of equipment for a private home facility. Either way, our experts can advise you on what would be the best solution.


Anaerobic fitness activity is designed to improve strength and build more toned muscle tissue. Most people can do power workouts as a method of anaerobic training. Throughout this, resistance can be used to help increase muscle strength and focus on the individual's overall anaerobic stamina levels.

To increase muscular strength, weights are normally useful for this type of exercise. You might perform these kinds of exercises using products like free weights or strength machines.

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As well as offering brand new strength equipment for sale, we also supply the products as second hand and remanufactured as this suits some budgets better. Our specialists carry out a thorough refurbishment process for any gym machines that are worn out or damaged. This can consist of cleaning, repairs, sourcing spare parts and even completely rebuilding the unit to return it to its former glory.

Every person will have a different goal when signing up for a health club and performing physical activity. Though there may be numerous common advantages, one of the most essential things we could take advantage of will be the path towards enhancing our health and wellness. When attempting to become more physically active, making use of gym equipment will be useful and effective.

As a result of consistent activity, you can enjoy several benefits to your wellness. It is possible to enhance the healthiness of your heart, in addition to improving your natural immunity and producing much better mental wellbeing. Things like this will give you a much better life quality, and help you to live a much healthier daily life.

Commercial fitness establishments will usually work together with an expert consultant to develop an efficient and enjoyable surrounding for anyone making use of the facility. This guarantees that every single individual receives the very best experience and appreciates all of the rewards associated with physical exercise.

Some most commonly used products can include gym treadmills, rowers, cross-trainers and weight benches. Each user may have a unique gym workout because all the devices are versatile with a range of attributes to accommodate everyone.

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