Used Gym Treadmills

We offer a range of used gym treadmills with various specifications to suit commercial facilities and home exercise rooms as a more cost effective solution.

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Used Gym Treadmills for Sale

Used gym treadmills can be refurbished so that the original qualities of the exercise product may then be restored. Health club managers and individuals often choose to have second-hand treadmill machines as these are often more cost-effective than buying brand new exercise products.

Depending on the condition, these machines can go through a refurbishment process to improve their quality. Different specifications can be built whilst cleaning and renovating the used treadmill equipment to suit each different individual’s needs and requirements.


Several refurbishment tasks are carried out in a way to renew the used treadmills and increase the overall quality and visual appearance of the exercise equipment.

Different kinds of gym exercise products are widely used to help users to improve their fitness and health. Health and fitness devices are found in many different models with various functions to operate each area of a body. Exercise equipment could be used in gyms and in addition at home to help individuals improve fitness through three types of physical activity.

Second-Hand Treadmills

One restoration technique that could be done to enhance the quality and appearance of second-hand treadmills for sale would be the application of a new spray coating. This might be done in the colour of your choice, allowing the fitness equipment to fit in with the colour scheme of your facility and any other products which you have.

Some used sports and fitness products can become damaged and worn over some time, therefore to restore the original quality of the used running machines we can complete repair work on various parts of a machine.

Budgets and functionality are not an issue when looking for used running machines; this is because our refurbishment process is altered to suit your specific requirements. Used and reconditioned gym treadmills are a popular choice when looking for sports and fitness treadmills, as they are much more cost-effective than buying a new running machine.

If you are interested in additional information on the used gym treadmills that are available, please be sure to fill out the enquiry form on the page and one of our team members will get back to you with a professional and informative response.

Pre-Owned Running Machines

It is important to make sure that your gym equipment is safe to use and of good quality, especially if you have a large number of people that will be using your facility.

If your budget is not high enough to buy brand new treadmills and other gym exercise equipment, but you would like to upgrade your sports and fitness facility, it is highly recommended that you consider investing in pre-owned running machines.

This type of gym exercise equipment will not look used and worn out when you have purchased them. Our team work hard to clean and renew the second-hand items to ensure that they look visually appealing and the original quality is restored.

Participating in routine workouts provides several health advantages. It doesn't just better muscle strength plus stamina, it will help to fight off any kind of sickness by improving an individual's immune system and also dealing with excess fat.

When performing physical exercise, your body also releases endorphins as well as serotonin which will help to place athletes in a far better frame of mind so helping to improve their mood.


Used Gym Equipment

Generally, aerobic sport is conducted over a long time with a low or medium degree of intensity. As an example, running a good distance with a moderate pace is a cardio exercise, but doing a quick sprint will not be.

As a way to work your cardio system and boost fitness levels, a selection of different devices and apparatus are available. Probably the most common exercise products would be spin bikes, ellipticals and used running machines and each of these could be bought in numerous designs.

The pre-owned exercise machines will all have great working features - just like a brand new treadmill – including workout programmes and fitness assessments, specifically designed to suit each individual. The repair and refurbishment process will be completed to meet your requirements so that you will get the perfect running machine for you.

We ensure that all second hand running machines are taken apart, checked and repaired (if necessary) to make sure that the items perform to their maximum potential. We are also able to offer advice on what type of second-hand treadmills would be best for your facility.

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