Second Hand Spin Bikes

We can supply great quality second hand spin bikes in a range of designs which can be used by individuals or for public leisure centres. Contact us to find out more about our services.

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Second Hand Spin Bikes for Sale

There are several second-hand spin bikes available, which have all been renovated by a professional team to restore the original quality and performance of the equipment. Pre-owned spin bikes are becoming increasingly popular since they are a much more cost-effective way to upgrade facilities like leisure centres, health clubs and gyms.

Due to the refurbishment process, this used gym equipment is often of similar quality to brand new. This is because during the refurbishment process the pre-owned exercise bikes are taken apart and any damaged or worn parts are replaced or repaired before the item is put back together again.


Becoming a member of a gym is a fantastic solution to keep an eye on your health, and handle things like body weight and muscle power. It can certainly boost your health by providing access to a variety of equipment and exercise courses.

You could also work with trained experts who promote regular attendance so you can remain committed. Your local leisure centre can also be a good place to hang out with friends and family and meet more health-conscious friends.

Each individual could have a unique motive for signing up with a health club and performing frequent exercise. One of the many positive effects is the substantial health improvement that is brought about by just becoming active. Different varieties of exercise equipment may be used during a training session to further improve your physical condition.

Pre-Owned Spinning Bike

Older spin-bikes may have been used in leisure centres, health clubs or even home gyms before being refurbished. These facilities might have given these products away due to an upgrade or remodel, meaning that the used gym equipment could already be in great condition even before the rebuild by our professionals, and may also not be very old.

When our experts have finished the renovation process, second-hand spin bikes can be used for almost any fitness facility. The spinning bike may be altered to suit your particular requirements at a low cost. This can be particularly useful in gyms that have a specific colour scheme, as the used spinning bike can be painted to match your other existing products.

If you have any questions on the refurbishment process, or you would like more information regarding costs and other details please make sure you fill in our contact form. One of our professional experts will get back to you as quickly as possible with all the information you need.


Used Exercise Bikes

To keep your used exercise bikes in great working condition and to ensure that they remain safe to use it is highly recommended that you carry out regular inspections to look for any potential hazards or damages on the gym equipment.

Not only will frequent checks prevent the users from becoming hurt when using the machines, but can also help to reduce costly repairs. If your used exercise bike does happen to become damaged, we carry out a professional repair service to return your gym equipment to its original quality. It is very important to check for damages early on so that minor problems do not develop into major damages, which will cost more to repair.

Second Hand Stationary Bike

You must purchase your used exercise bikes from a qualified and professional company to guarantee that the equipment is safe to use and in full working condition. A complete renovation process is necessary to restore the original condition and qualities of the spinning bikes.

Our company provide a professional refurbishment process to upgrade a pre-owned exercise bike and make them look and perform as good as new.

Many individuals even opt to have these machines inside their own house so they can make use of them at any time they would like. Even though commercial health clubs have high-end exercise equipment, it's quite common for people to get their own which they can use whenever.

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