Refurbished Gym Treadmills

We can supply fully refurbished gym treadmills for health clubs, leisure centres and private home facilities with a range of specifications and requirements.

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Refurbished Gym Treadmills for Sale

We offer a range of refurbished gym treadmills with different designs and specifications to suit each user. Our team complete a thorough reconditioning process for second-hand gym equipment to ensure it is restored to its original quality. We will carry out a cleaning process, strip down the treadmill and rebuild it to your specification.

The action of aerobics is done to increase the body’s oxygen usage level. It has a lot of positive effects on the cardiovascular system in addition to being beneficial to health and fitness. Common activities include going for a run, going bike riding, or swimming lengths in the pool.

Generally, aerobic activity is carried out for a prolonged amount of time by using a low or medium level of intensity. For instance, running for a good distance at a modest speed is a cardio exercise, but doing a quick sprint is not. For you to condition your cardio muscles and increase physical fitness, a selection of unique devices and products could be used. Running machines, elliptical trainers and spin bicycles are some of the more popular fitness systems which can be used in these activities.


How to Refurbish a Running Machine

If you would like to find out how to refurbish a running machine, please read the information below:

1. If any parts, like the rubber belt, need repairing or replaced, this should be done because if it is left it could cause a hazard.

2. Painting the product will make a massive improvement with regards to the look of it, as it will give it a new lease of life and make it look new.

The remanufacturing technique we carry out can include applying new paint coatings in a colour of your choice. This will ensure that your refurbished exercise machine will suit your preference and match any other equipment or colour schemes at the facility.

As well as repainting, we are also able to repair parts of a running machine where required. Many of our clients like to choose reconditioned equipment as a more cost-effective alternative to buying new. Our team of experts carry out each refurbishment process to meet the client’s requirements in terms of functionality, budget and appearance.

Each of the gym treadmills we supply included a clear screen display including time, distance, heart rate, speed and numerous other features for an effective user experience.

Please use our simple enquiry form if you're interested in ordering a selection of reconditioned and refurbished fitness items for your leisure centre, health club or home facility. We would be happy to give you some more information and also supply you with a price for the reconditioned machines.


Fully Reconditioned Running Machines

If you are looking to upgrade your gym exercise equipment, such as your treadmills but don’t have the budget to spend on brand new items, we offer a range of fully reconditioned running machines.

These are second-hand treadmills that we put through a cleaning and refurbishment process to restore their original quality. Each of the refurbished machines offers a variety of workout programmes and fitness tests to suit each user. We will complete the repair and reconditioning process to your design specification so you get the perfect treadmills for yourself or your clients.

Many people even prefer to possess this equipment in their own home so they can make use of it whenever they want. Even though public gyms have got top quality exercise machines, it's quite common for individuals to purchase their own set that they may use all the time.

Refurbished Gym Equipment

All our refurbished gym treadmills that we supply are taken apart and rebuilt by our professional team, and we complete any necessary repairs to ensure the machine is working to its maximum potential. We also offer to repaint the framework in a range of colour choices, allowing you to completely customise the look of your equipment.

This is great when you already have existing machines or a certain colour scheme you’d like to stick to. Our services are extremely flexible and we will be able to advise you on the best type of fully reconditioned running machines for your facility.

Other Refurbished Gym Equipment We Sell

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