Refurbished Cross Trainers

If you’re thinking of buying new gym equipment but can’t afford new machines, refurbished cross trainers provide a great alternative which is more cost effective.

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Refurbished Cross Trainers for Sale

There is a range of refurbished cross trainers available for sale, the machines can even be modified to suit individual requirements and specifications. During the rejuvenation process, our professionals will take the elliptical trainers apart and repair or replace any damaged or worn parts.

The crosstrainers will then be rebuilt and the original quality of the gym equipment will be restored. The reconditioned cross-trainers will also be thoroughly cleaned to improve the condition of the equipment and make them appropriate for reuse.


Aerobic fitness exercise is done to improve cardiovascular stamina through a variety of different exercises. Anaerobic exercise concentrates on muscular strength through strength along with weight training. Through carrying out anaerobic exercises you could also enhance your bone strength, self coordination and also overall sense of balance.

This is more of a short term boost, therefore with out regular upkeep, any progress is often lost easily. Flexibility exercises help to enhance the motion you've got in your muscles and increase your ability in a variety of sports activities.

Two of the most widely used categories of exercise equipment are aerobic and resistance apparatus. These will permit you to exercise using organic muscle movements or help you target particular components of exercise. Several amenities including fitness centres, colleges and private houses might have these products.

Reconditioned Cross Trainers

We can alter second-hand exercise products to suit different people’s budgets and requirements. A popular technique that we carry out is the application of a new paint coating. Repainting the reconditioned gym products allows us to match your facility’s colour scheme or the colour of your existing gym equipment.

After you have purchased the second-hand x-trainers we also provide a professional repair service, if your equipment gets damaged. We highly recommend carrying out regular inspections to ensure that your elliptical trainer's equipment is safe to use. Frequent checks on your refurbished cross trainers can also help to reduce the costs of major repairs, as minor damages will be repaired quicker.

Our company are always available to answer any questions and provide additional information if necessary. If you have any queries please make sure that you fill out our contact form and one of our experts respond as soon as possible.


Renovated Cross Trainer Machines

As an alternative to brand new gym equipment, renovated cross-trainer machines provide a high-quality exercise experience at a much lower price. These renovated gym products are particularly popular in facilities that have a low budget, as well as homeowners who want to work out at home rather than using a public gym.

All the renovated machines offer a variety of workout programmes and fitness tests to improve the individual user experience. The range of different programmes and tests makes elliptical trainers perfect for several different people, which is particularly important in fitness centres and health clubs where more than one person will be using each machine.

Elliptical Exercise Machine

All of our renovated cross trainer machines are from well-known brands; this guarantees that they are high-quality products with many features available to suit each user. If the machines have been purchased from a professional company who have carried out a refurbishment process you will also be certain that elliptical trainers perform to their maximum potential.

Aerobics is the term for a workout that involves or enhances oxygen consumption through the body. You could also label this activity as a cardio workout mainly because it provides plenty of benefits for your heart. In general, aerobic activity is performed with a low to moderate intensity level over a long amount of time.

If you did a run at a moderate speed for a long distance, this is classed as cardio activity, however, doing a sprint at a rapid speed for a short time will not be. As a way to condition your cardio functions and enhance fitness levels, an array of unique devices and products may be used. Among the most prevalent products would be stationary bicycles, cross-trainers and treadmills which each appear in a selection of designs.

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